🇬🇧 In 7 weeks we’re rolling

Hi there! 

Time is running like crazy and we now have only two months before we get to go wedding nuts together. We understand you might feel a bit uninformed at the moment and we’d like to alleviate that feeling. Here is some practical information that you will probably like to know getting ready for the weekend.

Point of contact

As the date gets closer and closer, there might be questions cropping up on your side. We kindly ask you the following.

If it’s before the end of August, feel free to contact either of us (via direct messaging, email or phone).

However, in the last two weeks before the wedding, you should direct your questions and concerns to the maid of honor or best man whose contact details are listed below.

Hana Svobodova — maid of honor
+420 737 906 274

Jiri Kabelka — best man
+420 721 980 585


We’ll be in touch with you shortly to share details on your sleeping arrangements. We’re currently waiting for final numbers of guests that will want to spend the night.


Unfortunately, you cannot get all the way to the wedding venue by any means except car or foot. 🙂 However, to avoid unecological hoarding of cars at the location, we’d be very happy if you teamed up and carpooled to everyone’s benefit. So, if you can offer a lift, or need a spot, let us know (either us or our points of contact, see above).

Dress code

Casual, smar / smart casual

When it comes to clothes, there are only two major rules to obey.

  1. You feel comfortable and good in what you’re wearing.
  2. You don’t look better than the newlyweds.

With number two being more important, of course.

Since the wedding is set in a rustic B&B in a village and the overall feeling should be very casual, we ask you to take a similar approach with clothing — simple, light, laid back.

Women can choose something light and comfortable, you’re not expected to put on a piece as if you were headed to the Met Gala. Just go with something that feels good on you. Your outfit should probably fit the (smart, semi) casual category of clothing.

Importantly, the ceremony takes place outdoors on a patch of grassland and also there is a grassy area inside the B&B where all the fun happens. So, please, ditch any high heels and choose something more comfy.

Men should leave their fancy tuxes and jackets at home and instead go for a light shirt and a pair of smart casual trousers — be it navy blue, brown, gray or what have you. We don’t want to put any restrictions on your chosen accessories but if it’s none, it’s just fine.

Gift policy

Wedding gifts tend to be tricky. While guests usually like to bring a gift that comes as a surprise, newlyweds prefer getting something predictable. We see the following two options as a compromise that offers somewhat flexibility. You can

  1. get a gift that fits into an envelope (not necessarily money),
  2. or reach out to us directly and we’ll figure out a solution together.

Either way, please don’t go all crazy.

Program in nutshell

The ceremony takes place at 2 pm at the wedding venue so please make sure you’re at the venue at 1 pm latest to so that we all can take it easy and have a chill setup.

After the ceremony, we’ll have a toast together and a late lunch in the form of a buffet. Once with full bellies, there will be nothing stopping us from conversing, dancing and overall having fun (accompanied by food and drinks) to the fullest until a rooster calls a morning.

Coming next

Roughly two weeks before the wedding date, we’ll send out one more update with a more detailed program – if there is one by then – and the latest information. For example information regarding any covid measures we’ll have to put in place – should there be a need for them given the situation at the end of August. Or concrete information on how you get to your place of sleep on the wedding night.

Stay tuned.


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